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Hit a Power Fade

You need a fade without hooking or drawing the ball.

Short Tweener Shot

You have only a short distance to reach the hole and are playing in very strong crosswinds. Although a bump and run would keep the ball low, you need a shot with less roll on the green.

How to Play in the Wind

Wind picks up your ball for unpredictable ball flight.

A Balanced Arm Pull

Hitting fat, hooking, or slicing due to being pulled way from the ball in the backswing and pulled into the ball on the downswing, causing you to pull up. You will hit the ball off the toe or you?ll top it if you pull up too fast. You will hit the ball on the heel of the club, shank it or…

Hitting the High Draw

Need to avoid obstacles in the fairway or make it around a dogleg with a powerful shot.

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The Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide

You would like to replace some of your traditional clubs with hybrid utility clubs, but are not sure where to begin.

Driver Shaft Length

You want to gain more distance from your drives.

Driver Yips

Your tee shots are very unpredictable and you cannot pinpoint a cause for it. You might even notice a jerking sensation in your arms or hands at impact.

Wet Sand Mistakes

It is a rainy day and you cannot seem to hit a decent sand shot.

Plumb Bobbing

You are having difficulty reading the break in the green.