Category: Woods

Free the Clubhead

You have difficulty drawing the ball.

Fly Away Elbow

You are a recreational golfer with a pull slice during long swings and it is not from over swinging.

Digging Middle Clubs

You are digging your middle irons, hybrids, and shorter woods into the ground. This is preventing you from completing a full finish.

Ankle Roll

You want more distance off of your tee shot or more power from your full swings.

Lift by Extension

You cannot seem to stop hitting every club in your bag as if it is an iron.

Fairway Cut

You want to hit your fairway woods so that the ball has a soft landing on the green.

Point Your Chin

You have a hard time getting enough loft, distance, and accuracy out of your long clubs.

Sliding Hips

Your hips keep moving sideways during full swings.

Topped Woods

You tend to top your woods out in the fairway but not when teeing off.

Too Aggressive

You are an aggressive swinger and see too much loft.