Category: Wedges

Small Green and Tight Lie

You have a firm lie and you need to put the ball onto a small green.

Less Spin With Wedges

You want to reduce the amount of spin on your shots around the green.

Wet Towel

You need to work on your accuracy around the green.

Downhill Sand

You have a downhill lie in a sand bunker with your leading foot down slope.

Backspin Control

You need to learn how to control the spin on your approach shots.

Deep Wedge Divots

You are having difficulties controlling the ball around the green and your divots are very deep with your wedge shots.

Good Putter Bad Chipper

You are great with your longer clubs and putter but cannot seem to master the chip.

Blustery Day

You have difficulty keeping the ball low with your irons.

Low Lob Layup

You get too much roll on the green while you trying to make a low lob on the green.

Irons Around the Green

You need to work on controlling your shots around the green.