Category: Topping

Brace Your Weight

You have been hitting the ball fat, topping, pulling, or slicing the ball and you need more power.

Uneven Topping

You push or top the ball when the ball is below your feet.

Topped Woods

You tend to top your woods out in the fairway but not when teeing off.

Teeing the Ball Too Low

You are slicing, topping the ball or hitting it thin because you teed the ball too low towards the ground.

Topping or Hitting It Thin

You top the ball or hit above center with the clubhead traveling on too high a line resulting in a weak fade.

Thin Shot to the Right

You hit a 3-iron off of the tee a little thin and off towards the right of a tight fairway.

Prevent Scooping Your Wedges

You scoop the ball with your wedges in attempt to get the ball airborne but just the opposite happens. This causes you to hit the ball thin or fat.

Chipping Yips

You shank, top, or hit the ball thin because you jerk the club or the clubhead is taking an upswing instead of a downward blow.

Rough near the Green

You find yourself in greenside rough and want the ball to get up into the air. You might also have problems skulling shots from the rough because you only brush the top of the grass.

Solid Contact Starts With a Forward Tilt

Slouching or ignoring proper posture at address causing you to move your body up and down, lose balance, distance, and take the club off the proper swing path. If your body is slouching or tipped to far forward, it will cause an open clubface for the ball to be pushed towards the right. …