Category: Tee Box

Pump It

You have difficulty breaking 100 on the golf course and you feel that it is because you do not get enough distance off of the tee.

Turn and Lift

You are looking for more powerful drives.

Hook Spin

You are hitting a hook spin off of the tee.

Scream for Success

You suffer from extreme tension or are unable to stop thinking about the many phases in your swing.

Flare In or Out

You are slowly losing your ability to drive the ball as far as you used to due to decreased flexibility.

Draw It Low

You need to keep the ball low off of the tee and need plenty of distance.

Tee Box Jitters

Your nerves get the best of you on the tee box.

Windy Dogleg

It is a windy day and you need to play a dogleg that curves to the left with a strong left to right wind.

Staying On the Fairway

It is important that the ball lands in the fairway with your next tee shot.

Free the Clubhead

You have difficulty drawing the ball.