Category: Rough

Sandy Rough Shot

The ball landed in the rough but the lie is also very sandy.

More Loft

You know the setup and basics of how to get out of the rough yet the ball barely flies out of it.

Fescue Lie

Your drive left you hitting out of very long grass on the edge of the fairway.

Up In the Light Rough

You have a hard time controlling your distance from the light rough.

Rough Bluegrass Lie

You are not used to playing on bluegrass. To make matters worse, the ball landed in rough.

Gentle Pitch

You have pretty good lie in the rough and want to pitch it softly on the green.

Rough Putt

The ball landed in the deep rough near the green and you are not good at hitting your wedges when you are this close to the pin.

The Rough Flyer

You have a flyer lie in the thin or shorter rough.

Coiled Rough

The ball is sitting down in the thicker, outer fringe and the grass seems to be curling towards it.

Rough Pitch

You need to make a pitch shot from thick Bermuda rough from an uphill lie near the edge of the green.