Category: Pushing

Tilt and Weight

Your body bops up and down or you lose your balance, causing a mishit.

Surprise Draw

You are drawing the ball when you set up for a fade.

Putter Change

You are pushing or pulling your putts.

Pushing or Pulling Putts

You are pushing or pulling your putts.

Blocking Hips

You are feeling like you are not able to complete your turn into the follow through.

Drawing Mistake

You hook or push the ball whenever you attempt to hit a draw.

Weak Push

You push the ball every time you try to get a full finish.

The Dreaded Push

You push the majority of your long shots. If you are a right handed player and are hitting the ball straight to the right or a left hander and are hitting it straight to the left of the target.

Random Directions

You know you are squaring the clubhead at impact but you still seem to alternate between pushing and pulling your shots.

Guiding It

You try to be too careful and hit a push the ball when you are under pressure.