Category: Pulling

Do Not Keep Your Head Down

When you force yourself to keep your eyes on the ball, it causes you to change your initial setup position and mishit the ball.

Jammed Finish

You cut across the ball, causing contact with the toe of the club, pull hooks or pull slices. You have also noticed that your hands and arms finish much lower than usual.

Tilt and Weight

Your body bops up and down or you lose your balance, causing a mishit.

Putter Change

You are pushing or pulling your putts.

Square It Back

You are hitting pull hooks.

Fly Away Elbow

You are a recreational golfer with a pull slice during long swings and it is not from over swinging.

Pushing or Pulling Putts

You are pushing or pulling your putts.

Brace Your Weight

You have been hitting the ball fat, topping, pulling, or slicing the ball and you need more power.

Random Directions

You know you are squaring the clubhead at impact but you still seem to alternate between pushing and pulling your shots.

Right Ball Flight

The ball keeps flying to the right of your target line.