Category: Physical Limitations

Flare In or Out

You are slowly losing your ability to drive the ball as far as you used to due to decreased flexibility.

Stiff Backswing

Your backswing feels stiff and you are losing power because of this.

Prevent Alzheimers With Golf

You are looking for a ways to help delay or prevent the onset of Alzheimers.

New Glasses

You just bought new bifocal eyeglasses and wonder if this will harm your swing.

Need to Coil

You are unable to rotate shoulders and torso to build up enough torque for a powerful swing.

Neck and Shoulders

You are having difficulty maintaining your original setup posture throughout your golf swing.

Jittery Golfer

You are finding it difficult to stay still while putting.

Poor Hip Turn

You cannot seem to make a big enough hip turn.

Shoulder Strength

You need a greater shoulder turn or suffer from shoulder weakness.

Rotator Cuff stretch

You have injured your rotator cuff in the past and want to stretch it before playing a round of golf.