Category: Over The Top

Do Not Keep Your Head Down

When you force yourself to keep your eyes on the ball, it causes you to change your initial setup position and mishit the ball.

Square It Back

You are hitting pull hooks.

Over the Top Slice

You only have an over the top slice when you try to make a powerful drive.

Over the Top Hook

You are a really good player but suddenly you find that you are hitting a mean hook.

Very High Finish

You pull the ball and have an over the top swing with a high finish.


You are casting the club or are swinging over the top.

Over the Top Checklist

You have an over the top swing.

Way Outside

You have an over the top swing that is too far outside of the target line.

More Wrist Hinge

You feel like you are coming in and over the top or the clubhead travels to the ball too much from the inside.

Popup Slice

You see a lot of weak slices and popups with a loss of distance.