Category: Obstacles

Fade It Low

You need a fade but at the same time, you have to keep the ball low.

Windy Dogleg

It is a windy day and you need to play a dogleg that curves to the left with a strong left to right wind.


You want to go golfing without upsetting your sweetie.

Across the Water

You have to hit across the water in order to reach the green.

One Hop

You are 40 yards or less away from the green with a low hanging branch blocking clear access to the green. To make matters worse, you only have a little bit of green to work with so you want the ball to fly low land with very little roll.


You are close to the green but the ball is resting close to a tree, preventing you from taking a backswing.


The ball landed somewhere off of the fairway and you will not be able to make a direct shot to reach the green.

Cut Shot

You need a slight fade to help avoid obstacles or greenside hazards and are still about 150 yards away from the pin.

Hitting Around Trees

Obstacles such as trees or tall bushes are preventing a clear shot.


You have a water hazard in front of you with tree limbs that are preventing a good hit over the water, onto the green.