Category: Irons

Off Of the Toe Error

You are hitting off of the toe with your irons.

Occasional Yips

You suffer from the yips or twitching of the hands or wrist at impact. This however, only happens some of the time you play.

Digging Middle Clubs

You are digging your middle irons, hybrids, and shorter woods into the ground. This is preventing you from completing a full finish.

Dips and Divots

You play at a course with a lot of little dips and divots on the fairway.

Start Short

You need to work on consistency with your irons.

Choppy Irons

You are having difficulty hitting down on the ball without coming in too steep or chopping down at it.

Why Hit Down

You do not understand why you need to hit down on the ball with your irons.

Scooping the Ball

You are scooping the golf ball with your irons.

Flying Elbow Drill

You are slicing the ball with your irons.

Helping the Ball Up

Even though you try to hit down on the ball, you still feel as if you are somehow trying to scoop the ball up with your long irons.