Category: Inconsistency

Hitting it Fat or Popups

You are hitting fat shots or seeing popups and tend to have reverse pivot during your swing.

Do Not Keep Your Head Down

When you force yourself to keep your eyes on the ball, it causes you to change your initial setup position and mishit the ball.

Jammed Finish

You cut across the ball, causing contact with the toe of the club, pull hooks or pull slices. You have also noticed that your hands and arms finish much lower than usual.

Wet Towel

You need to work on your accuracy around the green.

Dropping Hip

You are losing power and seeing more loft than desired. However, your arms are not coming in at a steep angle and the clubface is square at address.

Tilt and Weight

Your body bops up and down or you lose your balance, causing a mishit.

Swaying or Tilting

You are swaying or tilting during your golf swing.

Deep Wedge Divots

You are having difficulties controlling the ball around the green and your divots are very deep with your wedge shots.

Par 4s

You do great on Par 3 and Par 5 holes but for some reason struggle on Par 4 holes.

Free Flowing Swing

You have the correct setup, positioning, swing path, and contact along with tons of practice, yet your game is still not what it should be.