Category: Hooking

Do Not Keep Your Head Down

When you force yourself to keep your eyes on the ball, it causes you to change your initial setup position and mishit the ball.

Copy the Clubface

You have a severe hook or a snap hook. For a right handed player, the ball will immediately curve hard from right to left and it quickly loses loft.

Square It Back

You are hitting pull hooks.

Drawing Mistake

You hook or push the ball whenever you attempt to hit a draw.

Snap Hooking

You have a severe hook or a snap hook.

Anti Hook Grip

You want to know how changing the way you grip the club can reduce or eliminate your hook.

Home Drill

You keep hitting to the left or right and you know the clubface is square at impact.

Hooking It

You have been hooking your shots. When you try to adjust your aim to compensate, you see the ball hook even worse than before.

Over the Top Hook

You are a really good player but suddenly you find that you are hitting a mean hook.

Fast Arms

You have always had a nice release but suddenly you are not feeling a natural release.