Category: Hazards

Sand Cut

The ball landed in a sand bunker and there is a tree that you must hit under in order to reach the green.

Overshoot It

You need to hit over a water hazard onto a small green.

Over the Water

You need to hit over a water hazard.

Sandy Rough Shot

The ball landed in the rough but the lie is also very sandy.

Half in the Water

The ball is sitting in the water and you can see at least half of it sticking out of it.

Positive Visualization

You hit every water, tree, and bunker that you so desperately want to avoid.

Downhill Hazard

You are shooting short shot, downhill to the green but there is water or a bunker between your ball and the green.

Zigzag on Fairways

You hit the ball into a lot of hazards.


You have a water hazard in front of you with tree limbs that are preventing a good hit over the water, onto the green.

In Greenside Water

Your ball is partially submerged in water near the green.