Category: Fundamentals

Small Green and Tight Lie

You have a firm lie and you need to put the ball onto a small green.

Body Alignment

You cannot seem to find your correct alignment without laying a club down in front of you or your body at address.

Tilt and Weight

Your body bops up and down or you lose your balance, causing a mishit.

Free Flowing Swing

You have the correct setup, positioning, swing path, and contact along with tons of practice, yet your game is still not what it should be.

Swing Changes

You have seen a golf professional for help and there is one swing adjustment that is throwing you off.

Bunker Distances

You are having difficulty getting out of the sand bunkers.

Unusually Fast

You are playing the same course as usual but you are wondering why the greens are becoming faster and faster throughout the year.

Learning Something New

You play horribly every time you try to learn a new swing technique or adjustment that you know will help you play better in the future.

Inspect Your Grip

You have a great turn and swing plane yet you are not gaining the distances you want.

Doorway Drill

You want to improve your swing path.