Category: Fringe

Small Green and Tight Lie

You have a firm lie and you need to put the ball onto a small green.

Extra Long Putts

You have difficulty with very long putts.

Backspin Control

You need to learn how to control the spin on your approach shots.

Deep Wedge Divots

You are having difficulties controlling the ball around the green and your divots are very deep with your wedge shots.

Irons Around the Green

You need to work on controlling your shots around the green.

Narrow Your Focus

You need to more accuracy around the green.

Fast Chipper

You are having difficulty controlling the speed of your arm swing while chipping.

Tilt Forwards

You do not feel a good descending chipping motion.

Putter Chip

You are unsure about what to play from the fringe.

Four Wood Chip

You have difficulty chipping the ball from the fringe or it is windy and you want to keep the ball low without overshooting the green.