Category: Fairway

Off Of the Toe Error

You are hitting off of the toe with your irons.

Backspin Control

You need to learn how to control the spin on your approach shots.

Deep Wedge Divots

You are having difficulties controlling the ball around the green and your divots are very deep with your wedge shots.

Occasional Yips

You suffer from the yips or twitching of the hands or wrist at impact. This however, only happens some of the time you play.

Low Lob Layup

You get too much roll on the green while you trying to make a low lob on the green.

Irons Around the Green

You need to work on controlling your shots around the green.

Free the Clubhead

You have difficulty drawing the ball.

Digging Middle Clubs

You are digging your middle irons, hybrids, and shorter woods into the ground. This is preventing you from completing a full finish.

Fast Chipper

You are having difficulty controlling the speed of your arm swing while chipping.

Scooping the Ball

You are scooping the golf ball with your irons.