Category: Duffing

Jammed Finish

You cut across the ball, causing contact with the toe of the club, pull hooks or pull slices. You have also noticed that your hands and arms finish much lower than usual.

Tilt and Weight

Your body bops up and down or you lose your balance, causing a mishit.

Good Putter Bad Chipper

You are great with your longer clubs and putter but cannot seem to master the chip.

Digging Middle Clubs

You are digging your middle irons, hybrids, and shorter woods into the ground. This is preventing you from completing a full finish.

Digging Duffer

You are digging into the ground before hitting the ball and the ball barely moves.

Awkward Shank

Your swing feels awkward and you are suddenly shanking the ball.

Rotate It Open

You are digging the club deep into the ground while pitching or you want to improve your pitches.

Inconsistent Chips

You suddenly cannot chip well. One minute you are digging the club deep into the ground and the next you shanking or skulling the ball.

Heavy Shots

You tend to hit a lot of fat or chunked shots.

Ground Hitting

You hit the ground first while chipping the ball.