Category: Difficult Lie

Dips and Divots

You play at a course with a lot of little dips and divots on the fairway.

Pitching Uphill

You need to pitch the ball up a hill with a small landing area.

Clover Lie

The ball landed in a bed of clover.

Ball Below the Feet

You are setting up to the ball and discovered that the ball is below your feet.

Partially Submerged Bunker

Part of your ball is buried in a sand trap near the green.

Up and Down Slopes

The ball landed on a slope in the fairway, leaving you with either an uphill or a downhill lie.

Below Your Feet

You know the proper set up for when the ball is below your feet yet the ball still does not fly as it should.

Outside the Bunker

The ball landed just outside of a sand bunker, requiring you to stand in the bunker while the ball is higher than your feet lying on the grass.

Putt the Fringe

You are not good at hitting your wedges and your ball is close to the green.

High Apron

You have a slight hill to cross over before the ball can reach the green.