Category: Bunkers

Sand on the Clubface

You need help controlling the distances of your sand shots.

Sand Cut

The ball landed in a sand bunker and there is a tree that you must hit under in order to reach the green.

Downhill Sand

You have a downhill lie in a sand bunker with your leading foot down slope.

Sand Grip

You struggle hitting a golf ball out of the sand.

Packed Sand

The ball is in hard packed sand or dirt such as greenside bunkers where the club can penetrate the sand.

Steep Lip Fairway Bunker

Your ball landed into a fairway bunker with steep lip and you are having difficulty getting it out.

Bunker Distances

You are having difficulty getting out of the sand bunkers.

Swing Big

You hit behind the ball in the sand but you still cannot seem to get the ball out of the greenside bunker.

Rolling Bunker Shot

You are in a greenside bunker with the pin is set on the back side of the green.

Wet Sand Mistakes

It is a rainy day and you cannot seem to hit a decent sand shot.