Category: Aim

Right To Left Dogleg

You have to hit on a dogleg that curves from right to left.

Body Alignment

You cannot seem to find your correct alignment without laying a club down in front of you or your body at address.

Downhill Sand

You have a downhill lie in a sand bunker with your leading foot down slope.

Fade It Low

You need a fade but at the same time, you have to keep the ball low.

Surprise Draw

You are drawing the ball when you set up for a fade.

Windy Dogleg

It is a windy day and you need to play a dogleg that curves to the left with a strong left to right wind.

Staying On the Fairway

It is important that the ball lands in the fairway with your next tee shot.

Free the Clubhead

You have difficulty drawing the ball.

Low for Control

You want more control over your wedge shots.

Lofted Draw

You want to gain a longer tee shot by hitting a high draw.