Category: Adverse Weather

Uncomfortable Layers

The weather is poor and you cannot get your arms to feel comfortable while wearing multiple layers of clothing. This is clearly affecting your swing.

Winter Gloves

It is raining outside and you need to play in a golf tournament.

Indoor Practice

You are unable to play golf due to weather conditions.

Draw It Low

You need to keep the ball low off of the tee and need plenty of distance.

Blustery Day

You have difficulty keeping the ball low with your irons.

Windy Dogleg

It is a windy day and you need to play a dogleg that curves to the left with a strong left to right wind.

Killer Wind

You play horrible on windy days.

Sweet Wind

You are wondering what the best way to play a windy shot with the wind blowing against your back.

Wet Sand Mistakes

It is a rainy day and you cannot seem to hit a decent sand shot.

Wet Flyers

The grass is wet and you keep overshooting your target.