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Learn to Control Backspin on Approach


You need a lot of spin to help the ball land on a narrow green or a sharply inclined green. You might need just the opposite, less spin with extra roll because you are unable or it is unsafe to aim at the pin directly.


If you are looking for more backspin, stand upright while swinging. If you are looking for less spin, take a shallow swing at the ball.


When you need more backspin, stand about an inch and a half closer to the ball. Stand up a little straighter than normal so the clubface will make contact with the ball at a steeper angle for a higher trajectory and backspin. If you are looking to reduce the amount of backspin, you should shorten and widen your swing radius. Take the club a little more behind you than upwards during backswing to help widen the arc of your swing. The club should only come up as high as it does in a three quarter swing. The clubface should make contact with the ball at a shallower angle and cause less backspin.

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